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Please Save My Earth

Image for anime mult Please Save My Earth

Year: 1993

Genre: shoujo, drama, fiction

Type: ova

Producer: Yamazaki Kazuo

Autor: Hiwatari Saki

Studio: Production I G

Time: 30 min

Description of Please Save My Earth

Middle school girls Alice, whose family has just moved to Tokyo, overheard the conversation classmate Dzinpati with his friend Issa that they "do not like everything." Dzinpati trying to explain to Alice, what was discussed, said,they are both dreaming of the same locale: a base on the Moon, where seven people - scientists from another planet - are watching the Earth. Dzinpati and Issey in his dreams are two of these scientists. Shortly thereafter, one sees a dream Alice. The three teenagers decide to track down the other four people from the lunar team and try to figure out,what kind of dreams. Uneasy relations and feelings of three women and four men from the moon reflected in the teens. It is still complicated by the fact that one of the "lunar" children only seven years old, and Issey in his dreams sees himself as a woman in love with Dzinpati.

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