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Ping Pong Club

Image for anime mult Ping Pong Club

Year: 1995

Genre: ecchi, comedy, school

Type: tv_series

Producer: Hata Masami

Autor: Furuya Minoru

Studio: Animate

Time: min

Description of Ping Pong Club

School section of the ping- pong table is made up of six members: the strong and resolute Captain Takeda team Kinoshta handsome, good-natured Tanabe, a small,timid horny Tanaka and two very crazy loony friends Maeno and Izava. Lead this company pretty picky Manager Ivashta. Being united by a common love for ping-pong, these six have to fight for their club room and the club, participate in various competitions,get into a lot of ridiculous funny situations, and most importantly do not kill each other, as if the members of the club will be less than six, the club is liquidated.

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