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Pet Shop of Horrors

Image for anime mult Pet Shop of Horrors

Year: 1999

Genre: mysticism, josei_manga, horrors

Type: tv_series

Producer: Hirata Toshio

Autor: Akino Matsuri

Studio: Madhouse Studios

Time: min

Description of Pet Shop of Horrors

Somewhere in Chinatown ordinary American town hiding a small pet store.Its owner - an eccentric and mysterious Count Dee - it sells unusual animals. Assuring that offers visitors ` dreams and love ", he equips pupils contract, breach of which threatens the buyer unpleasant consequences... But one of those who looks at the bench to the Count Di, imagines,as unexpected and terrible the consequences can be really?

Images and photos of Pet Shop of Horrors

1 Pet Shop Of Horrors HD Wallpapers  Backgrounds   Wallpaper Abyss_20
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Pet Shop of Horrors#658250   Zerochan_22
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Pet Shop of Horrors  Anime Amino_26
Pet Shop of Horrors by skart2005 on DeviantArt_11
Pet Shop of Horrors Completa   Serie Anime + Manga   Identi_4
Petshop of Horrors   MVM Entertainment UK_24
Pet Shop of Horrors vol. 6 by macabrochka on DeviantArt_9
Petshop of Horrors Wallpaper #1 (Anime
Petshop of Horrors Wallpaper #2 (Anime
Pet Shop of Horrors Wallpaper by SirCrocodile on DeviantArt_21
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Pet Shop of Horrors Shop of Horrors
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