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Penguin Girl

Image for anime mult Penguin Girl

Year: 2008

Genre: shoujo, school, daily

Type: ona

Producer: Matsui Hitoyuki

Autor: Takahashi Tetsuya

Studio: Picture Magic

Time: 15 min

Description of Penguin Girl

History (if what is happening on the screen can be somehow associated with the normal narrative) begins with how one wealthy maiden kawaii (c Penguin party name) decided to go to school. The girl that was not normal and magical - An avid otaku, she was able to adopt the character abilities that cosplay.In general, she went to school, and what she saw there? And I saw it there for at least frostbitten classmates - a girl (which is a good Dad are not considered) fighting better than Bruce Lee in a cross between Jackie Chan, another girl who fights a little worse than that in other it does not interfere to put an eye on the first, devochku- priestess kakogo-the incomprehensible Japanese god, able to eradicate evil spirits and even with a decent car trolley such as " colorful " characters. As stipulated above - hardly what is happening on the screen can be called a story and draw a clear genre boundaries, the main thing that Titted, sometimes funny and perfectly kills evening.(C) Lisek Note: The series was shot in ONA format, rather rare, then there is an anime created specifically for distribution on the Internet.

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