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Image for anime mult Outlanders

Year: 1986

Genre: seinen, adventures, comedy

Type: ova

Producer: Yamada Katsuhisa

Autor: Manabe Johji

Studio: Aic

Time: 48 min

Description of Outlanders

Princess Kam (Kahm) breaks through the blockade of his compatriots in the " holy ground " (ie the earth) met under the fiery earth air defense forces. Of course, resist the fire power of the princess can neither reactive nor soldiers, among whom it arranges after landing a brutal massacre. However, it turns man among the soldiers," Unlike other ": young photographer Tetsuya (Tetsuya). During Kam and Tetsuya bizarre events take a strong liking to one another with all my heart, despite the fact that she had just shamelessly executed dozens of men in general, except for the stupidity of youth and between them nothing.

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