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Outbreak Company

Image for anime mult Outbreak Company

Year: 2013

Genre: comedy, parody, harem

Type: tv_series

Producer: Oikawa Kei

Autor: Sakaki Ichiro

Studio: Feel

Time: 25 min

Description of Outbreak Company

Shinichi Kano - otaku to the bone. He has no special powers,with the exception of extensive knowledge about the " moe " culture and its products; He knows everything about manga, anime, games, light novels, and figures that relate to the " moe ". One day, his call for a fantasy world inhabited by elves and flying dragons, give the job, and not just a job, say, fight monsters and rescue the princess,and promote moe culture in the world! By adopting such a strange call, he will meet with the palace guards, and the half-elf maid of the Empress, which is a little girl. At first he does it just for fun, but then there are serious questions that Shinichi must decide for himself: ethnic discrimination,social problems, conflicts with neighboring countries, the problem with the opposition, including the Japanese government, etc. Will he be able to overcome obstacles and successfully bring " moe " culture in a fantasy world? Author: NerV

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