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Our Tapes

Image for anime mult Our Tapes


Genre: romance, drama, music

Type: amv

Producer: Iwai Shunji

Autor: Mark Silvestri

Studio: Doga Kobo

Time: 5 min

Description of Our Tapes

None of us will never be alone. Our lives and our souls are connected with red threads of fate with someone whom we fall in love with - incredibly strong and painfully tender. Umika: to begin with I want to say a few words about the artist. Red Ribbon met me more than once, and wanted to realize the idea of??ribbons, threads of fate in the clip. I wanted to work out a gentle, warm and painful. I do not want to burden her grim dramatikoy - is a story about love and not about the pain. I am pleased that, together with Zeus all happened. It was a pleasure to work with him (and it was nice vsestill talk him into this title: 3)

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