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Otaku no Video

Image for anime mult Otaku no Video

Year: 1991

Genre: comedy

Type: ova

Producer: Mori Takeshi

Autor: Takagi Nobuyuki

Studio: Nickelodeon

Time: 50 min

Description of Otaku no Video

What should be the man,to feel happy? Someone enough to play tennis and to meet with a girl, but not the hero of this anime, freshman Kubo. In a not very funny evening he meets his old school friend Tanaka, hardened otaku. Kubo is not happy with such other hobbies, but... How-when a friend introduced him to his friends, the same ardent fans of anime. From now on, this crazy world of otaku with incredible force begins to tighten Kubo in its most minerals, deeper into the maelstrom drawing anime life...

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