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Image for anime mult OreShura

Year: 2013

Genre: comedy, seinen, school

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kamei Kanta

Autor: Yuuji Yuuji

Studio: A Pictures Inc

Time: 25 min

Description of OreShura

After his parents divorced 15-year-old Eytu Kido sent to the care of a distant relative. Eyth definitely - a serious man, and orphans with living parents finally dispelled the illusions about love and romance every kind. Instead, the high school boy bit into the granite of science, hoping to earn a scholarship and entered the Medical Faculty,to repay the kindness of Aunt Saeko. There was another reason - the old familiar name Thiva Harusaki year ago, hit by a car, and although she did not break, and kept straight and gay character, but she had to give up the sport. Dreaming heal childhood friend, Kido more deeply immersed in the textbooks,determined to reject any temptation on the path to the goal. Then the poor fellow, and has got - it has eyes Masudzu Natsukava, srebrovlasaya school queen. Wanting to stop the flow of annoying confessions Masudzu was wise: Man choosing a dummy first disciple, she keeps the person and personal problems do not have to wait on "botany".Opinion beauty partner did not care (that is, on their methods), but wrong in another arrogant woman - her choice dramatically increased the share Eyty among the local female population. First, of course, I expressed a childhood friend, and then what - everyone knows the true fan of anime. Well, after that is not something that the medical - it`s time to gather at the theater!

Images and photos of OreShura

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