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Image for anime mult OreGairu

Year: 2013

Genre: romance, seinen, harem

Type: tv_series

Producer: Yoshimura Ai

Autor: Watari Wataru

Studio: Brains Base

Time: 25 min

Description of OreGairu

This story is about a young man unsociable, Hikigae Hatimane. He has his own distorted view of life, and therefore not a guy got himself no friends, no girlfriend, " Yes, and they do not need me " -so he thinks. Hikigaya studying in high school, when he sees classmates excitedly discussing their teenage life, muttering to himself, " a bunch of liars! ". Hikigayu When asked about his dreams, his answer is simple - " there is nothing like it." And then one day, one of the teachers decides that a " severe cases " Hikigai need somethingdo something. It makes Hatimane join a school club, which is engaged in the provision of social assistance to those in need. There is no alternative, the guy agrees. What was his surprise when he learned that this club is the first beauty school yukinoshita Yukino...

Images and photos of OreGairu

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