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Onna Senshi Efe and Jeila: Goude no Monsho

Image for anime mult Onna Senshi Efe and Jeila: Goude no Monsho

Year: 1990

Genre: adventures, fantasy

Type: ova

Producer: Kikuchi Kazuhito

Autor: Hikawa Reiko

Studio: Bones

Time: 45 min

Description of Onna Senshi Efe and Jeila: Goude no Monsho

Two roving warrior luck runaway princess Dzhiliora (Jira), and the Witch - pupil Efera (Efi)In his endless travels across the lands of the Four Kingdoms are captured by slave traders. When escaping them explicitly linked boy of noble birth among the other prisoners, then dying from spear guard. So in the hands of the Giro and Effi is a pendant with a magical stone called Coat Hoods (Emblem of Gude),belonging to the young princess graftonskoy Rubiele and her brother Julian (whose brother was killed and a boy), which contains the hostages in the neighboring kingdom of Ford. Girls generously decide to return the jewel owners, but it is not so easy to do.It keeps children in his palace sinister high priest of the cult of the goddess is even more ominous, having them on their plans. But although the disposal of the Giro and Efi only a couple of swords and a handful of amateur spells, their generosity and commitment to overcome any obstacles...

Images and photos of Onna Senshi Efe and Jeila: Goude no Monsho

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