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Omamori Himari

Image for anime mult Omamori Himari

Year: 2010

Genre: harem, comedy, shounen

Type: tv_series

Producer: Ushiro Shinji

Autor: Matra Milan

Studio: Zexcs

Time: 24 min

Description of Omamori Himari

Yuto Amakava comes from a clan of fighters against demons, who are known to exist and are doing everything to lime the few people able to hurt them.The boy`s parents had been killed and only leave little boy mascot designed to keep it from supernatural forces - but only up to 16 years. So Yuto and lived to the age of majority under the supervision of his childhood friend Rinko Kudzaki, unaware of their fate and fearing only cats, which he is allergic. But before the evil forces rejoice,how to replace one amulet came another, live - the spirit of cat-and-werewolf named Himari with which the main character`s grandfather once took an oath to defend the last descendant of the clan. For masking Himari prefers to perform his duties in the form of a seductive dark-haired girl with a katana. And to protect the host, as is known, it is necessary everywhere - at school,on the street, at home, in bed, and the closer is the bodyguard, the better... This layout is clearly not satisfied with Rinko, all of whose plans have departed... to the spirits, but prevents the demons that have to address the protagonist take most of seductive female form. And when you considerthat and the other Clan Demon Hunters remained sole heir, then it is time to think about Yuto - if, finally, to take control of the situation over time to?

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