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Okane ga Nai!

Image for anime mult Okane ga Nai!

Year: 2007

Genre: romance, drama, boys

Type: ova

Producer: Sokuza Makoto

Autor: Sinodzaki Hitoe

Studio: Tms Entertainment

Time: 30 min

Description of Okane ga Nai!

Fate is not always favorable to the people, especially the students. Money -material component of our lives, and as usual the students, this component is not in the best condition. So the fate spared favor and Ayase Yukiya, which was sold at auction for the debts of his brother... He buys Somuku Cano, a successful financial manager of the company,120 million yen!!! However, freedom is not given so easily and kind Cano uncle off to recover from the liberated * * spent on it worth... But that`s where to get so much money, not on their own be in this situation, Ayase. Cano and then comes to the rescue, offering the equivalent exchange... 500,000 yen for each night... the body,obeying all the whims of its owner.

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