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Image for anime mult Offside

Year: 2001

Genre: drama, sport

Type: tv_series

Producer: Okuda Seiji

Autor: Heiuchi Natsuko

Studio: Ashi Productions

Time: 25 min

Description of Offside

Goro Kumagaya - high school students Kawasaki recognized the goalkeeper,who wanted to go to Ёkonan high school, which is considered the elite in terms of the football club, but it failed due to an accident. Nevertheless, Kawasaki, he met met Shingo, Hideki and Kazuhito who are skilled players and together with the football club Kawasaki High School,they challenge Ёkonan any other school, with which they have to face in order to become champions. Any setbacks they face makes them stronger and one of these cases has helped to open a natural talent Goro.

Images and photos of Offside

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