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Now, The Pair`s Paths

Image for anime mult Now, The Pair`s Paths

Year: 2015

Genre: drama

Type: special

Producer: Nishizawa Susumu

Autor: Sato Fumiya

Studio: Asahi Production

Time: 5 min

Description of Now, The Pair`s Paths

A short video expressing gratitude to the people involved in the reconstruction after the earthquake, Miyagi Prefecture,occurred off the east coast of Honshu Island in 2011. It is also dedicated to the memory of the victims. The plot focuses on a pair of students living in the eastern Tohoku region, where 11 March 2011 was recorded the strongest in the history of Japan earthquake measuring 9 on the Richter scale.The disaster shook the teen - girl June Agatsuma and Kunpeya Sato - and if they pulled out of a serene reality. As residents of the affected prefectures, children gradually recover after an unexpected disaster and horror perpetrated them look to destruction.Three people from Miyagi Prefecture, affected by the earthquake and are fully felt by its consequences for scoring small roles in the project were involved.

Images and photos of Now, The Pair`s Paths

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