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NouCome OVA

Image for anime mult NouCome OVA

Year: 2014

Genre: school, comedy, romance

Type: ova

Producer: Akiyama Katsuhito

Autor: Kasukabe Takeru

Studio: Diomedea

Time: 24 min

Description of NouCome OVA

When you hear voices - it is diagnosed. When the mobile phone is ringing God - a state of mind. 17 -year-old Kanade Amakusa know he has on his head,For unknown forces constantly put him to choose one worse than the other: for example, publicly zahryukat pig or to be killed on the wall. Failure or delay entail unbearable pain, so the guy has long surrendered. Even on a regular basis to choose the lesser evil Amakusa brought reputation frostbitten psycho,and a classmate and Oka Furano Kanade believe his friend - for a real man in their understanding must be uniquely original and cheerful little pervert! Kanade would have long since departed from the school if it is not covered mysterious loli - sensei Utage - chan. But even its capabilities will not last long, and then in case God intervened. For starters have fireplacesshe sent to help the sufferer pretty blonde - sweet tooth, and then began to personally set goals and decided that before the end, the guy will get rid of the curse. But the sense of ambassador, named Chocolate, is not enough, and perform tasks not possible because of the constant " parishes." In general, clearly waiting for an analogue Amakusu twelve labors of Hercules,Only he struggled with all sorts of hydras, and there will have to yourself!

Images and photos of NouCome OVA

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