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Non Non Biyori

Image for anime mult Non Non Biyori

Year: 2013

Genre: adventures, comedy, seinen

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kawatsura Shinya

Autor: Atto

Studio: Silver Link

Time: 25 min

Description of Non Non Biyori

11-year-old Hotaru Ichijo moved from Tokyo to authentic Japanese hinterland - so dead, that an hour train ride to the nearest bookstore. Manners are simple, door locks no one - why, because everyone knows each other up to the seventh generation. Needless to say,in a rural school in the same room studying all of the local child population - Renge first grader, seventh-grader Natsume, her sister and their Komari eighth-year older brother, Suguru. And now also pyatiklassnitsa Hotaru was added! Of course, at first, many scenes of village life seemed young metropolitan resident strange and unusual.Hotaru But then, by the way, in both respects, very advanced for his age, began to realize that "Enough Stupidity in Every Wise Man". Nature under a clear sky feelings made easier, cleaner, and more deeply, and have fun with her friends among the fields and hills can be no worse than in the jungles Shinjuku or Ginza.At the main character there was a great chance to become a better, wiser and more responsible, and then for the adult and mature girl it will take not only the naive baby Komari!

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