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Noiseman Sound Insect

Image for anime mult Noiseman Sound Insect

Year: 1997

Genre: drama, seinen, fantasy

Type: short

Producer: Morimoto Koji

Autor: Sakuraba Coharu

Studio: Studio C

Time: 15 min

Description of Noiseman Sound Insect

The outlandish futuristic city unrecognized genius Dr. Frank made??the mistake of his life, synthesizing a new creature, which he called Noyzmenom. But the unpredictable happened - the creature began to quickly grow to monstrous proportions, shaking the walls of the laboratory.In this hullabaloo confused scientist accidentally stumbled into the mechanism established by him, which has made over him the operation inverse synthesis, splitting the poor guy on the ephemeral ghost, and a solid crystalline substance. Crystal was so pleased Noyzmenu that monster went to the march to the townspeople, collect crystals,and the streets are filled with lots of wandering souls who have lost their bodies. Noyzmen enslaved the minds of the remaining people, making them the gears of his dictatorship. From this day all the living sounds of the city died and ephemeral ghosts, called noise (noise), caught the flying giant vacuum cleaners.But not all bowed their head before the cacophony Noyzmena. Tobio pilot vacuum cleaner, accidentally tasted so nazyvamyh " music " fruit growing in the sea, whose juice has opened his eyes to what is happening. Having raised the same juice consciousness of his girlfriend Reina, man desperately tried to rise, but it suffered the fate of other people -split.However, true to the Rhine manages to steal his crystal. All is not lost...

Images and photos of Noiseman Sound Insect

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