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Noblesse: Awakening

Image for anime mult Noblesse: Awakening

Year: 2016

Genre: drama, school, shounen

Type: ova, short

Producer: Tada Shunsuke

Autor: Horikoshi Kouhei

Studio: Production I G

Time: 30 min

Description of Noblesse: Awakening

The action takes place in "our time". Also people in the world there are two races: nobless or noble and werewolves. The story begins with awakening after 820-year sleep Nobless, Cadiz Etrama D.Reyzela (abbreviated Rey), in what is now South Korea. Coming out of sleep and not knowing anything about the world, he gets to high school E-Ran, where he met with the director of this school, which is his old friend, Frankenstein. Subsequently, he began to make friends with a few of the students of this school.All they have to face with a powerful and aggressive union organization that is "behind the scenes" to rule the world.

Images and photos of Noblesse: Awakening

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