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Image for anime mult Nisemonogatari

Year: 2012

Genre: mysticism, ecchi, vampires

Type: tv_series

Producer: Shinbo Akiyuki

Autor: Nishio Ishin

Studio: Shaft

Time: 25 min

Description of Nisemonogatari

There was a high school student Koёmi Araragi, a normal guy, a former vampire. Surviving he had so much that friends have peers Koёmi was not, but had a lot of girlfriends. However, as luck, all the friends turned cursed by the gods or demons, but who does not happen! Using the new forces and connections in the occult world,Araragi managed to help their girls, and with a favorite name Hitagi Sendzёgahara curse seems to have managed to remove completely (though in moments of weakness of character in this highly doubt!). And as if all was well, live yourself, you do, prepare for exams... Alas, it does not happen in life. First disappeared Meme aspen, old hippies,he is a guru and spiritual teacher. Then he began to Koёmi heard rumors that his younger sister Karen and Tsukihi, under the influence of brother declared themselves " knights of justice " and even earned the nickname " the fiery sister school of Zug ", a little overworked. Alas, as compared with such figures as aspen, and he himself Araragi, " fiery sister " - a fake,a parody of serious spetsialistov.Imitiruya frantic activity, Karen and Tsukihi among the fakes and illusions ran into something serious and not very friendly. As a result, they got their troubles, and his brother again mopped!

Images and photos of Nisemonogatari

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