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Ninja Slayer

Image for anime mult Ninja Slayer

Year: 2015

Genre: seinen, fight, comedy

Type: ona

Producer: Amemiya Akira

Autor: Kawasaki Hiroyuki

Studio: Studio Trigger

Time: 15 min

Description of Ninja Slayer

Graphic novel the Ninja slayer, written by a pair of American avtorov.Ninja slayer was originally written Bradley Bond-th and Philip Morzez-ohm, translated into Japanese and posted on twitter.The story became a cult hit, which led to the publication of the graphic novelly.Premera trailer ninja slayer at Anime Expo 2014 was held July 3 at 6:00 PM. Ninja slayer- this ninja action in the setting of cyberpunk with a lot of shouting «Aieeee!». The story revolves around Kenji Fujikido,who longs to avenge the murder of his family. Fudzhikito possessed by the spirit of the ninja, known as Naraku Ninja. Deceiving death, the hero becomes Ninja Slayer-th - grim reaper, which has set itself the goal is to destroy all evil nindzya.Novella to the dynamic development of the plot, mixed with mountains of violence and the text,which uses the "Japanese are not even clear to the Japanese," quickly gained a lot of popularity.

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