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Ninja Ryukenden

Image for anime mult Ninja Ryukenden

Year: 1991

Genre: fight, shounen, adventures

Type: ova

Producer: Kanbe Mamoru

Autor: Kawazu Akitoshi

Studio: Studio Junio

Time: 50 min

Description of Ninja Ryukenden

An old thing. Though a fig,but you can not blame her. Once a dandy, I played a few games, which, of course, and get this thing. The game at that time was very popular. So do not pay attention to all the shortcomings, the cartoon turned out pretty cool. For the meaning, of course, do not follow this girl, the demons, the hero and the villain in the end, a happy ending. But we presented real action, moreover, do not often see the anime, where ninja showdown taking place in the modern world. Even though I saw this thing very late, I think that this cartoon can be easily attributed to the classics. And to criticize it at all desire, alas, does not work.

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Ninja Ryukenden (Gaiden) The saga of hero for all times
Ninja Ryukenden (Gaiden) The saga of hero for all times
Ninja Ryukenden (Gaiden) The saga of hero for all times
Ninja Ryukenden (Gaiden) The saga of hero for all times
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