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Ninin ga Shinobuden

Image for anime mult Ninin ga Shinobuden

Year: 2004

Genre: seinen, comedy, bl_gl

Type: tv_series

Producer: Matsui Hitoyuki|sotozaki Haruo

Autor: Koga Ryoichi

Studio: Ufo Table

Time: 24 min

Description of Ninin ga Shinobuden

In mid-2004, with the screens went one of those provocative comedies, which are created in the East, but it is best perceived in the West, and all only because laughing Japanese in the new series is not over aliens and their way of life, and on their own, local. In general, ridiculing element culture country is found in the work of Japanese animators are not oftenMuch more they mock Chinese pandas and, over the French and their food over the Russian alphabet and muscular guys from the American fighters. "2x2 Shinobu " - is nearly five hours of hilarious adventures of a ninja shiftless, which the author puts into all sorts of awkward position, seeking to create a parody of comedy,whose purpose is not to make fun of something distant, and on their families. This idea, it should be noted, is quite new and interesting because of bullying stupid gaijin great intelligence do not need, while laughing at himself, the author not only makes a kind of attack in the direction of native history and culture,but also it shows the fact of the possibility of such attacks. And then, perhaps, the work should have been (for its cultural attack) " scatter caps ", if not a discovery, which gave all this history form distinctive kultkorrektnosti. It so happens that the characters " Shinobu " though shows idiots, but are not perceived as the history of the characters,but only as a comical figure who tried to give an image of characters. But the attempt, however, came out sideways, because instead of cartoons of the ninja from the author turned a caricature of otaku.

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