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Night Raid 1931

Image for anime mult Night Raid 1931

Year: 2010

Genre: history, adventures, mysticism

Type: tv_series

Producer: Matsumoto Atsushi

Autor: Yasui Kentarou

Studio: A Pictures Inc

Time: 23 min

Description of Night Raid 1931

China, 1931. KMT with the support of the United States seized power and moved the capital to Nanjing. With these layouts do not agree to the Communists and a number of military leaders in the country is creeping civil war,are born and die the most bizarre associations and alliances. In Shanghai, the true Babylon Far East, not overcrowded by diplomats, spies, gangsters and other shady characters. Japan, of course could not stay away from the event, but the difficult situation in the land of Yamato yet ruled out direct intervention.Therefore, the Japanese authorities have entrusted the action in Shanghai unofficial structures, including secret organization "Sakurai" that is, "Well under the cherry blossoms." Battle of the organizations are four agents with unique abilities: telepathy and aristocrat Yukina, who came to China in search of his older brother, her servant Natsume,having hyperacute vision, the hereditary samurai Kadzura possessing the gift of teleportation, and playboy telekinetic Aoi, the most reckless of all four. Under the guidance of Mr. undetectable Sinitiro these fighters invisible front day by day "solve problems" in favor of the rising sun.Here are just some of the answers they obviously should not have to ask!

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