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Image for anime mult NetRunner

Year: 2004

Genre: comedy, ecchi, seinen

Type: ova

Producer: Kamata Yuusuke

Autor: Tamai Gou

Studio: Studio Hibari

Time: 30 min

Description of NetRunner

Every night,when exhausted programmers fall asleep on his knackered keyboards, from the bowels of the Web there are two virtual duck, brother and sister, which makes for sleeping unfinished work. However, as it turns out, in the Internet world, the situation is unfavorable: a villain who calls himself a master, began to steal characters from different games.Residents of network worlds have decided to seek help from a talented ducklings and sent them charming Tia (" 12 years / no boyfriend / do not eat / not pooping - in other words, is much steeper than any live girls! "). Tia should result in network - hero savior who would duck - runner...

Images and photos of NetRunner

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