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Negima!? Summer OVA-2

Image for anime mult Negima!? Summer OVA-2

Year: 2006

Genre: ecchi, school, fantasy

Type: ova

Producer: Oonuma Shin

Autor: Akamatsu Ken

Studio: Shaft|gansis

Time: 25 min

Description of Negima!? Summer OVA-2

They say,that all people from birth are connected with each other with red thread of fate. They can not break behind them can only follow. But what would happen if their own associate themselves with someone? That`s the advice of Nodoka and Yue decides to associate themselves with Negi - sensei. But the tie to tie the knot this one, and untangle it - is quite another. Nodoka, of course happy, why,be next to Negi, but still as close as possible. But... Negi is constantly looking for a way to dissolve these bonds...

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