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Natsuki Crisi

Image for anime mult Natsuki Crisi

Year: 1999

Genre: fight

Type: ova

Producer: Chigira Koichi

Autor: Tsuruta Hirohisa

Studio: Tezuka Productions|madhouse Studios

Time: 29 min

Description of Natsuki Crisi

Simple and energetic Natsuki Kisumu, more than anything else loves karate,And the captain of his club Yanagisawa - national level wizard. In Kisumu school club for a long time already surpassed most of the guys - thanks to both natural talent and desire to train exclusively with her beloved " sempai." Among girls the same rivals she had never been,Kisumu so glad because the appearance of a brand new name Rina Takaoka, who joined the academy Joto - Citadel Youth martial arts of Japan. That translated pupil kept aloof, not responding to attempts to get closer, only provoke Natsuki. Soon she saw Rina `s fighting with a group of guys in masks - a cold, violently,with the clear intent to kill. Got into a fight (against the wishes of Rina), Kisumu realized that " girlfriend captive " knowingly left the prestigious academy, and the past has repeatedly come to visit them. But then, Rina will not be alone...

Images and photos of Natsuki Crisi

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