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Natsu iro Kiseki

Image for anime mult Natsu iro Kiseki

Year: 2012

Genre: daily, comedy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Mizushima Seiji

Autor: Urahata Tatsuhiko

Studio: Dle

Time: 25 min

Description of Natsu iro Kiseki

In the small coastal town of Shimoda live and learn together in the eighth grade four old girlfriends.Direct and Natsumi stubborn, serious and mannered Saki, Yuka hyperactive and silent waiting Rinko summer holidays - as it turned out, with different feelings. If Yuka and Rinko just want to relax and have fun, then Natsumi plans reinforced tennis training with an eye to the national championship. Here are just a partner ignores the club,and the search for truth discovered that Salem moves and leaves the school. Of course, this arrogant woman did not tell anyone, considering that the "long farewell - more tears," and leave at once it will be easier. As a result, and Natsumi Saki firmly quarreled, and the long-awaited peaceful summer was threatened... At the time the Rin, the daughter of a Shinto priest,I remembered the large stone home on the land of the temple, which according to legend, fulfills the desires of the four friends, if they match and go straight from the heart. The strength of the Japanese gods kami does not change the world, and shows the way that people sometimes lose, blinded by anger and pride.So what remains uncomplicated feminine wiles to collect the stone four girlfriends - and starts little miracles that will allow the girls again to understand each other and spend their last summer of fun. Or is not the last?

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