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Image for anime mult Naruto

Year: 2002

Genre: fight, action, fantasy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Date Hayato

Autor: Kishimoto Masashi

Studio: Studio Pierrot

Time: 23 min

Description of Naruto

The action takes place in the anime world very similar to the medieval feudal Japan. On the territory of the country in secret places hidden several competing schools of villages, where they cook a ninja / shinobi. Main character -colorful and fiery guy named Naruto Uzumaki (Seiya Junko Takeuchi). He lives in one of these villages. When he was little, the village was attacked by a powerful demon - Nine- fox. Demon managed to win, but his power had sealed in a child, Naruto. Since then, between Naruto, whose parents were killed during the fight,and the rest of the villagers had been laid a shadow of fear and alienation. He began to fear and avoid, and only a few people treat it well. Of course Naruto does not suit this situation. Since then, and begins his path, the path of the ninja,wants to become the strongest of all the Hokage (best ninja of the village) and thus achieve universal acceptance Continued.... - Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles

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