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Image for anime mult NANA

Year: 2006

Genre: shoujo, drama, josei_manga

Type: tv_series

Producer: Asaka Morio

Autor: Yazawa Ai

Studio: Madhouse Studios

Time: 25 min

Description of NANA

In the train traveling to Tokyo, meet two girls. One, with a sharp and strong character, tends to rock quarrysinger - other, cute and naive about anything serious does not dream. They seem to be absolute opposites, but the girls have much in common: the name "Nana" and the ability to love. And yet they do not represent life without music. The main heroine to decide what is most important, and which ones will have to give up,for a long time, they will share the joys and sorrows, to understand their feelings and to mature. But not all of the story lines of the series related to the mental quest and need to make a choice. No less interesting is the history of two groups - beginner Black Stone, where Nana sings, and popular Trapnest, where he plays her boyfriend Ren.creativity challenges the bonds of friendship and understanding professionals, rehearsals, concerts, studio recording - and even contradictory world fans will not be bypassed attention.

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