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Mysterious Joker

Image for anime mult Mysterious Joker

Year: 2014

Genre: adventures, comedy, detective

Type: tv_series

Producer: Teramoto Yukiyo

Autor: Takahashi Hideyasu

Studio: Vega Entertainment|shinei Animation

Time: 24 min

Description of Mysterious Joker

Hilarious and bodrenkoe anime about a boy named Kaito, bumbling Inspector Onyeama and beginner - robber Hachi. The protagonist - a kite.He is elusive thief. From a simple robber distinguishes him what he had already said to the victims that he `s going to steal from them, as well as he has magic. In its arsenal of a variety of gadgets to help him accomplish affairs. Here and all sorts of gum to help him fly and blacked out. And a pile of cards,to stupefy everyone. Onyeama Inspector has long been trying to catch him. But being sure that he knows all the tricks Kaito, he always comes across something new, so looks very silly. Hachi same random character. He saw a kite on a robbery and wanted to be like them. As a result, they randomly met,We met and decided that now will be paired. So begins the story of their adventure full of fun.

Images and photos of Mysterious Joker

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