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My Neighbors the Yamadas

Image for anime mult My Neighbors the Yamadas

Year: 1999

Genre: comedy, daily

Type: tv_series

Producer: Takahata Isao

Autor: Isii Hisaiti

Studio: Ghibli

Time: 104 min

Description of My Neighbors the Yamadas

The film consists of a series of short stories devoted to everyday life Yamada family. Grandmother, mother, father, son and daughter - the most ordinary people, with recognizable features and habits. Despite the fact that many Japanese reality reflected in the film,beginning with food and ending tales, these stories are understandable to any audience. Comic situations are interspersed with examples of worldly wisdom, everyday scenes are replaced by fantasies, something happens for the first time, that is repeated every day. There is no morality and morals, life is shown for what it is - a series of everyday life,where you can see the special charm and depth. Character design is made in a minimalist manner underlined with soft watercolor filling, which is not very usual for the majority of works of the Ghibli, the animation but retains the traditionally high level for this studio. In addition, in the film a lot of interesting artistic techniques asFor example, insert a verse haiku of Basho or change of design in some moments. " Seven Yamada " can be called a masterpiece of anime beyond the control of either time or fashion, and everyone can see their neighbors in the characters of the main characters - or yourself.

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