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My Name Is Teppei

Image for anime mult My Name Is Teppei

Year: 1977

Genre: sport, shounen, comedy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Nagahama Tadao|yoshida Shigetsugu

Autor: Chiba Tetsuya

Studio: Nippon Animation

Time: 24 min

Description of My Name Is Teppei

Teppei left by his father in the mountains, lively and energetic boy who is just like tenacious weeds and free as a bird. His life changes completely when he entered high school, the first school in which he had ever attended. Despite his unusual behavior and persistent problems,he soon recognized by all for his talent in sports, especially in Kendo (Japanese art of sword) - and becomes the school hero.

Images and photos of My Name Is Teppei

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Anime My name Teppey (TV) (Ore wa Teppei) 1977 O
Anime My name Teppey (TV) (Ore wa Teppei) 1977 Ot