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Image for anime mult Mushishi

Year: 2005

Genre: drama, mysticism, seinen

Type: tv_series

Producer: Nagahama Hiroshi

Autor: Urushibara Yuki

Studio: Artland

Time: 25 min

Description of Mushishi

In addition to the visible world, the available senses,there is a space, where side by side with a man live musi. People used to be afraid of these strange creatures, which are often the source of disease and misery, even against their will. However, there are those who can see mushi and know how to manage them. Such specialists are called " Masters of Musi." Ginkgo - the wandering wizard Musi.Sometimes he is invited to help, sometimes he is hearing about creating outlandish and sometimes comes back to where he had been once. Very often it is necessary not only to expel dangerous Musi, but also to heal the souls of men. Each case is unique, but similar to each other people`s lives.But Ginko does not seek to destroy the musi - much more interesting to understand their essence. Detective base " Musi Masters " series turns into a chain of mysteries and investigations. The mystical side of every story makes the talk. Action develops slowly in the conventional medieval Edo period, among the mountains covered with forests and rice fields.There is no special speakers, but lack poetry and depth.

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