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Munto TV

Image for anime mult Munto TV

Year: 2009

Genre: drama, fantasy, seinen

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kigami Yoshiji

Autor: Kigami Yoshiji

Studio: Kyoto Animation

Time: 25 min

Description of Munto TV

Long ago, a terrible war has split the earth and the heavens and forever divided the two worlds. The inhabitants of the earth with their short life began to remember Heaven only in myths and legends,and the immortal celestial beings simply do not pay attention to the lower world - in fact there was no Acuto, magical energy, giving them strength and longevity. And then disaster struck - Acuto became rapidly depleted and the war broke out only precipitated the crisis. While the inhabitants of the Upper World elvenkind fight over the remnants of magical power, Munto,the most powerful lords of the heavenly, learned from the seer Rueri that the key to the salvation of both worlds need to look at the world... 13-year-old Yumemi Hidaka loved rainy days - because then she could see the sky the same way as other people, without imposing islands, floating in the blue sky. But the last time began seeing an alarming and frightening,with huge rocks and stone pillars crumbling from heaven. Yumemi understood why his native Japan began to torment tsunamis, earthquakes and other disasters, but these thoughts afraid to share even with best friends and ITIC Suzume, as long as in a fiery blaze is not a stranger in the red in front of her...

Images and photos of Munto TV

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Munto TV Munto TV. The world reflected in the eyes of a girl staring
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Munto Anime [TV] online for free on Zer
Munto [TV], Munto TV to watch online or download bespl
Munto [TV] world,reflected in the eyes of the girl looking at the sky
Munto [TV] world, reflected in the eyes of a girl, looking at the sky
Munto [TV] world, reflected in the eyes of a girl, looking at the sky
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