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Munto Movie

Image for anime mult Munto Movie

Year: 2009

Genre: romance, fantasy, drama

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kigami Yoshiji

Autor: Kigami Yoshiji

Studio: Kyoto Animation

Time: 83 min

Description of Munto Movie

The magical world of floating in the sky, relying on mystical column. Lightness and strength of the world according to an element of "Acuto". King to rule the world mage Munthe. Munto young and almost omnipotent. Inventories "Acuto" drying up.Columns collapse... In this world lives a girl Yumemi. She sees the island in the clouds and had something to do with "Acuto" regenerate. But Yumemi does not like to look up. She has long explained that there are no islands in the clouds is not... The film - "stuck together" episodes of the TV version. Specifically,since the middle of the sixth series and the ninth. Thus, the action of the film starts with the moment when the King Munto with Yumemi sent to Heaven. What is interesting from the glued pieces of film for us? a few minutes from the new dialogue, a couple of new scenes and a drop of romance after the credits have been added.

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