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Image for anime mult Monster

Year: 2004

Genre: psychology, seinen, action

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kojima Masayuki

Autor: Urasawa Naoki

Studio: Madhouse Studios

Time: 24 min

Description of Monster

It all started back in 1986 in West Germany (FRG). The city of Dusseldorf has worked at the hospital the surgeon originally from the country of the Rising Sun, and his name was Kenzo Tenmo, a surgeon from God. He lived like not bad: a girlfriend, a favorite work (the ability to deal with not only practice, but also in science)successful career, respect for patients and others, but... yet he constantly feels a certain dissatisfaction, discomfort. From what? Why such a painful thought, this discord with itself? But then came the day that gave answers to these questions, the fateful day, as he completely changed the life of a doctor.In the city there was the murder of the family (a rather high level refugees from the GDR), survived only children, but boy, was wounded in the head, on the verge of death, and it can only help it, doctor Tenmo with his "golden" hands. Before him the choice to save the boy, which no one is left and which is unknown, or the mayor,who later admitted to the same hospital. And the doctor makes the choice. According to his confession, he finally realized that day, what is the true purpose of the doctor: " Treat all people equally, regardless of what position a person takes on the social ladder, as all lives are equal,worth much and benefit from saving lives - crime " boy survives, but mysteriously disappear without a trace from the hospital with her sister... skips to nine years to go back and make the doctor lives in Hell... This is the complication of anime, but it will further with the doctor and other heroes,You can find out watching this wonderful show.

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