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Momotaro the Sea God Soldier

Image for anime mult Momotaro the Sea God Soldier

Year: 1945

Genre: family, war, adventures

Type: ova, special

Producer: Seo Mitsuyo

Autor: Seo Mitsuyo

Studio: Hal Film Maker|gonzo Digimation

Time: 73 min

Description of Momotaro the Sea God Soldier

April 12, 1945 on the Japanese cinema screens came Momotaro`s Divine Sea Warriors (Momotaro Umi no Shinpei - Divine Sea Warriors Momotaro) - the first full-length anime cartoon. In April 45-of military operations were already in Japan - in the middle was a bloody battle of Okinawa. No one doubted that the queue and other, larger, the Japanese archipelago. The Japanese are ready to " break a jasper, not to stay, becoming the tiles."In the battle with the " whites barbarians" (the so- called Japanese Americans) and catch the heroes of Japanese folk tales. In Momotaro`s Divine Sea Warriors inhabitants of fairy-tale forest leads into battle Momotaro (Peach Boy) - one of the most popular fairy tale characters in Japan. Of course, Malchik-Peach and his host can easily explain the " white-skinned barbarians" as they do not believe pravy.Nekotorye first feature-length animated film is not Momotaro Umi no Shinpei, and its prequel - Momotaro no Umiwashi (« Sea Hawks Momotaro "), released a year ranee.No timing of the first film 37 minutes is not allowed to call him polnometrazhnym.Razumeetsya,in the final of the cartoon has a place for a spectacular battle scene - divine sea warriors smash Momotoro Americans.... Oleg "Vehrwolf" TarasovDop. Info: One of the songs sounded in Momotaro`s Divine Sea Warriors entered the anime 1966-year Kimba the White Lion (original title Janguru Taite) from which the studio Walt Disney three decades later borrowed many scenes and images of his famous " Lion King ».Momotarou:. Umi no Shinpei (Jap Momotaro: Umi but simpey," Divine sailors Momotaro ") - one of the first full-length Japanese animated films (according to other sources - the first). This action-adventure cartoon was made director Mitsuё Seo during the Second World War, for propaganda purposes, for the Ministry of the Navy fleet Japan.The plot tells the heroic operations of Japanese marines on the liberation of Indonesia and Malaysia from Ameri & shy; Kanz. Momotarou: Umi no Shinpei is a sequel to the other creations Mitsuё Seo - Momotarou no Umiwashi 1943. It produced its Tadahito Motinaga. Anime made??at Shochiku studios in 1944,was released April 12, 1945 goda.V are present music scene, for example, in an episode of the Japanese sailors are taught the locals to speak with " Songs AIUEO " (Jap AIUEO but uta.?).

Images and photos of Momotaro the Sea God Soldier

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