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Image for anime mult Mitsudomoe

Year: 2010

Genre: school, daily, comedy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Oota Masahiko

Autor: Sakurai Norio

Studio: Bridge

Time: 25 min

Description of Mitsudomoe

Young Japanese teacher named Satoshi Yabe started to work in the sixth grade of elementary school, naively believing that it is not necessary to wait for 12 -year-old kids big surprises. It was the greatest mistake of his life,For the latter-day class teacher waited Maruy sister - the most dangerous triplets Japan! The eldest, insidious sadist Mitsuba, their plans will give odds to Machiavelli. Average, muscular athlete Futaba - seemingly simple-minded girl, but uh... specifically developed imagination. Finally, the youngest,Hitoha mysterious - a living illustration of the thesis " still waters run deep." These are the student waited in 6 - in -class next sower " reasonable, good, eternal." From now on the life of Yabe - sensei turned into a minefield, where there is no room for error. It is in such circumstances would have to grow professionally young teacher,and we learned a lot about life and relationships in Maruy family. Well, the main character is left to understand what is better - when the three sisters of fun wish you well, or vice versa?!

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