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Mind game

Image for anime mult Mind game

Year: 2004

Genre: adventures, romance, comedy

Type: ova

Producer: Yuasa Masaaki

Autor: Nishi Robin

Studio: Sunrise

Time: 103 min

Description of Mind game

How many of mortals are given the opportunity to rewrite the page unsuccessful life? Many if given a chance to go back and do differently in situations for which then painfully ashamed? The young writer manga Nishi was given such an opportunity.When his beloved family restaurant Mion entered a couple of crazy Yakuza demand old debts, in a very Tarantino scene guy die miserable humiliating death cut him short and inglorious existence loser windbag.But exalted to heaven the soul of Nishi managed to persuade the Lord to let him relive his last moments. Going back a new man, and vowing to radically change its former life, Nishi girlfriend rescued from bandits, and together with her??and her sister, they went to the surreal journey full of surprises meet great tests...

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