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Image for anime mult Military!

Year: 2015

Genre: ecchi, comedy, seinen

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kimura Hiroshi

Autor: Nagaoka Yasuchika Author

Studio: Creators In Pack

Time: 5 min

Description of Military!

War - is a serious matter, and you need to approach it with full responsibility. Even if the conflict unfolds between the fictional nations - such as the Duchy and the Republic Krakozhiya faces. At least two of the Duchy Krakozhii warrior,Lyutgaynikovoy lieutenant and lieutenant Haruka sent to the responsible mission, not joking. After all, their task - to monitor the integrity and safety of a plow Yano, which at first glance seems to be an ordinary high school student, but in reality is the savior of the Duchy and the key to winning the war. Sergeant Shachirovoy,Republic Grand Prix serving in the army, too, charged with an important task - to follow the plow, to investigate the situation and report back to all the authorities. So, very soon begin to wind around the plow following three army girls, serious-minded and little considered, with its problems of a normal high school student. What do the poor guy,whose life is suddenly turned into a series of comic scenes, which often appears to frightening weapon?

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