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Miami Guns

Image for anime mult Miami Guns

Year: 2000

Genre: adventures, comedy, ecchi

Type: tv_series

Producer: Koyama Yoshitaka

Autor: Momose Takeaki

Studio: Toei Animation

Time: 25 min

Description of Miami Guns

July 9, 1999 the planet Earth was nearly destroyed by aliens. But fortunately,all the richest and most enterprising citizens out into space and waited catastrophe there. When everything calmed down, they returned, and, to his surprise, found vyzhivshih.Cherez decades on the ruins of civilization was built city Miami Metropolis, and no different from modern cities. And all would do,if it is not off scale crime rate. But it could not last vechno.Miami Guns - this is a special police squad formed by the rich city of thugs who do not feed bread, let me shoot. It will be a place to everyone: the photographer who is familiar with the optics to be a sniper, voyeur, tries " not shine" - a spy, a shaman,talking to spirits - osvedomitelem.Samymi brightest representatives of the new police were two girls: shapely daredevil Sakurakozhi Yao, multi daughter demure and sensible Lu Amano, the daughter of the police chief. By subscribing to the heaviest jobs, they quickly solve problems faced by the city. Piles of debris after them? Well,it already costs the profession..

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