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Megane na Kanojo

Image for anime mult Megane na Kanojo

Year: 2010

Genre: school, romance, shounen

Type: ova

Producer: Ito Koji

Autor: Tobi

Studio: Aic

Time: 15 min

Description of Megane na Kanojo

Four touching stories about the glasses and ochkarikov. "I hate to take points `: Junichi Kamiya enrolled in high school and began to look for a circle. Casually looking at the literary club (voobshchehe is not a fan of reading), Kamiya - kun has found the girl of his dreams, and she just glanced at him with her beautiful eyes... and wearing glasses. A Kamiya - kun can not stand four-eyes! But what to do? Aso - Sempai fascinated him, so his fate to suffer and literary club, and these odious eyepieces!.. "Two and glasses,which will be taken ": Aya Itinohe - pop star. Her concerts are going crowd, rollers with her participation spinning on TV and print interviews thick magazines. And what is it to admit to journalists? The fact that she is in love with his career and his songs?.. Does not sound hurt something romantic! But Aya still a girl.She wants to be herself (of course, not forgetting who she is masking!). Riding hood to hide her hair, no makeup, big glasses - and pop diva becomes an ordinary girl. This can even be invited to a meeting!.. " Clear Heart ". Mitsuki and Thor meet for six months. They are all fine...that`s just - they are both shy and a little closed people, it is not easy to show your feelings, go to greater intimacy and trust. But they get along so wonderfully, so suited to each other! They even glasses almost the same form: they can just confuse.. And once they have them really confused!."Misty heat ": Chiaki Kuramoto and Takuya Takatsuka studied together since high school. Then they got on quite good; Chiaki, however, was too shy, and Takuya often make fun of her, but it seems that it is to somehow rallied. And now they`re seniors, and Takuya does not know his friend: Chiaki prettier,She overcame her shyness - and completely forgot their former friendship! Before us is a manga adaptation of short stories, the heroine of which are hidden behind his glasses. Will they find love?

Images and photos of Megane na Kanojo

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