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Mayo Chiki!

Image for anime mult Mayo Chiki!

Year: 2011

Genre: comedy, romance, school

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kawaguchi Keiichiro

Autor: Asano Hadzime

Studio: Feel

Time: 25 min

Description of Mayo Chiki!

Women in the family Sakamati so severe that the only son Kindziro trained with his mother and sister to 5 years of age, however,more than a punching bag or a wrestling dummy. As a result, a 17 -year man was the wiry, strong and tough, but on the other hand - to any feminine touch began issuing shock reaction with epistaxis. The behavior of the hero, avoiding girls who did not approve of in high school - some considered Sakamati weaklingwithdrawing his name from the nickname of chicken, the other began to think at all bad. Yes, and Jiro seriously worried when he realized that he admired his same age, handsome Subaru Konoe - butler director`s daughter Kanade Sudzutsuki. Of course, it is unfortunate Kindziro discovered that Subaru - dressed as a girl, and she`s got his reasons.And when the military solution is not passed, the ingenious " princess " Kanade, which turned out not stupid and relaxed special, offered a deal - the guy is silent about the incident, and in return get rid ginofobii. In this case the guarantee is necessary because at fault " Butler» will live in the house Sakamati,looking after them, along with other heroines are actively participating in the process of " healing." For we all know - like cures like!

Images and photos of Mayo Chiki!

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