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Mawaru Penguin Drum!!

Image for anime mult Mawaru Penguin Drum!!

Year: 2011

Genre: drama, adventures, comedy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Ikuhara Kunihiko

Autor: Takahasi Iasitiro

Studio: Brains Base

Time: 25 min

Description of Mawaru Penguin Drum!!

For twins Takakura was pulled heavy time - by the verdict of the doctors of their sister Himari only live a few months. It is clear that the brothers - school students Sema Canby and appreciated every day together and are ready to fulfill any wish the sisters, for example, go on a trip to the aquarium. There Himari and died of a brain tumor.And then the eyes of dead children stricken presented itself a miracle on the girl`s head was purchased in a souvenir shop in the form of a penguin hat that... revived their sister! Under the oohs and aahs of doctors guys slipped away from the hospital, the heart celebrated and only then realized that must pay for everything... Now it is Himari wear a hat (which, incidentally,called survival strategy) as the sweet and sunny girl turns into a beautiful and cold forewoman illusions. For the maintenance of life sisters creature requires Canby Sёmy and find and deliver the mysterious Penguin Drum, or survival, apparently did not take place. To aid in the search for and generallyHats hostess identified three penguins - masters of all trades, to see which only members of the Takakura family are. When the brothers began to actively search for, supernatural guest hostess even called Drum, only not said the main thing - what it is and how it looks at least. And it is not important, the main thing - motivation!

Images and photos of Mawaru Penguin Drum!!

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