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Mask of Zeguy

Image for anime mult Mask of Zeguy

Year: 1993

Genre: adventures, fantasy, action

Type: ova

Producer: Kageyama Shigenori

Autor: Kageyama Shigenori

Studio: Gansis|zexcs

Time: 35 min

Description of Mask of Zeguy

Death of deputy commander of the detachment of the Shinsengumi, the famous Hidzakaty Tosidzo dates back to May 11, the first year of Meiji (1869). However, almost a century later, in the 20-year Sёvy (1945), when Japan lost the war, relentless Hijikata seen again, he came back,to defend their native island by those who sought absolute power, and tried to prevent the demons steal the legendary Mask of transcendental country Dzegaya. In order to conquer the world, the Queen Himiko need a mask, a magic bell and a priestess (which long ago was embodied in ordinary Japanese high school student)...

Images and photos of Mask of Zeguy

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