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Marmalade Boy

Image for anime mult Marmalade Boy

Year: 1994

Genre: romance, school, drama

Type: tv_series

Producer: Iabe Akinori

Autor: Yoshizumi Wataru

Studio: Toei Animation

Time: min

Description of Marmalade Boy

Mika ordinary Japanese schoolgirl, her life is not how it is remarkable. But once her beloved parents tell her that they are going to get a divorce. But this is not the end of surprises - they also reported that they are going to exchange partners from other families,with which they have faced during your holiday in Hawaii and they will live together, as now she has a half-brother to be, it should be noted that the incredible hunk. And Yuu, it was the name of her new brother, not against this kind of life. Mick tries to recover from such stunning news. Gradually she realizes that like Yuu,Ginta but her best friend, whom she admitted two years ago, then was rejected reports that for a long time in love with her??.

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