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Maria Holic

Image for anime mult Maria Holic

Year: 2009

Genre: school, comedy, girls

Type: tv_series

Producer: Shinbo Akiyuki

Autor: Endo Minari

Studio: Shaft

Time: 25 min

Description of Maria Holic

In a shy and awkward Kanako Miyamae allergic to men - until the appearance of this rash. Therefore Kanako happily translated into women`s private academy "Heavenly Queen ", where she studied her mother, where she hopes to meet (let alone honest) and surrender to his chosen girl`s pure love. But it was necessary so to get lost,that in the midst of a huge park he meets a new student blond " princess " Marie Sido, accompanied by a maid. In the ensuing conversation, Kanako, fascinated by new friend suddenly gets a hot kiss goodbye. All in hopes of rainbow, Miyamae hastily acquainted with the elder hostel, then with my roommate, and hurries back to MaryThat promised to show her school. Without a second thought rushed into the locker room shooting club, Chizuru suddenly plunges into a world of nightmares... it was a dream guy! After checking your guess is quite a simple way, Chizuru horror convinced - one hundred percent hit... "Maria" admitted that, being the grandson of the president of the academy,He plays a transvestite against their will, and such a life took him a long time. To fool Kanako not blabbed, he lived with her and will see to it that school life naive girl was unforgettable. That such is obtained phantasmagoric parody of " Otoboku ", " Maria -sama " and " Strawberry anxiety " from SynBio Akiyuki - sensei!

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