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Marginal Prince

Image for anime mult Marginal Prince

Year: 2006

Genre: shoujo, school, romance

Type: ova

Producer: Inagaki Takayuki

Autor: Hayasaka Ritsuko

Studio: Tokyo Kids

Time: 25 min

Description of Marginal Prince

On a tiny island lost in the Atlantic Ocean,It is a closed school for boys. Students of this school are called princes, commoners, and here can not get into " mere mortal ". This is a place for children is very famous and wealthy parents. However, for some unknown reason, this turned out to Utah - kid from an ordinary family. And then it becomes clear,that on this island more questions than otvetov- why students are called princes? What secrets hide the old house? That hide his classmates.. (c) Kamitake to Find Anime?

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