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Maken-Ki! [OVA]

Image for anime mult Maken-Ki! [OVA]

Year: 2012

Genre: ecchi, adventures, comedy

Type: ova

Producer: Oohata Kouichi

Autor: Takeda Hiromitsu

Studio: Aic Spirits|aic

Time: 25 min

Description of Maken-Ki! [OVA]

Takeru Oyama spent three years of high school in the men`s boarding school and, of course,longing for the fair sex. Because he had no doubt joined the academy "Sun" - is also a boarding school, only women, which is now only allowed to co-education. Another plus was that there was in my senior year Haruko Amaya, not only childhood friend, but also a "sister" karate club,from which Takeru expect advice and assistance in the new exciting world, which already saw himself as the "first guy". Concerned clear thoughts, the protagonist lost sight of one small detail - "Sunny" was founded as a school of magic and martial arts turns out that all the senior student - serious fighters,strengthen the body and spirit, and received from the gods "McAn" - the kind of magical weapons. Morals in the Academy exclusively matriarchal, and the way to resolve disputes is very simple. So poor old Takeru can only go with the flow when one of its beautiful announced his long-time enemy and called for the fight,while the second rescued from the deadly blow and introduced herself as his betrothed. Even in a state Grogg man watched as the two girls were settled in his room, and drove after them and "sister" Haruko. As a result, the poor man Oyama had to sleep almost on the ceiling. Harem, you say? You have a harem!

Images and photos of Maken-Ki! [OVA]

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